Masterclass in Pediatric Surgical Oncology India

On February 2nd till February 4th 2017, 5 of our delegates were attending Masterclass in Pediatric Surgical Oncology in India. The Masterclass took place on Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research, or what people usually called JIPMER Campus located in Pondicherry. On this section we’ll share is a short report & photo gallery from the Masterclass.

The course were conducted in the standard format for the masterclass by the core group faculty of Masterclass which is the part of EUPSA (Europe Pediatric Surgical Association). The 1st two days were consisting of interactive sessions on common pediatric solid tumors, while on the third day we had a video operative demonstration with continuous discussion with the faculty of the masterclass. The course also held a tumor board, where the participants could bring some difficult cases or share interesting cases to be discussed.
One Interesting thing about this Masterclass was that there’s one session which we had an interactive lecture from Prof. Sabine Irtan from France (Hôpital Armand Trousseau and Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris) via Skype. She couldn’t attend the Masterclass because of some issue, and the committee provide us with the Skype connection so we could still receive the lecture from her, even had a discussion session after the lecture, all via Skype.
On the 3rd day, there was also a post test, which the lecturers discussed the answers with us after we’d done the test. This way, we can evaluate ourselves as delegates, how much we absorbed the Masterclass’ subjects.
We had a very great experience, great knowledge and really grateful for this opportunity. And we’d like to thank you the Masterclass Committee for inviting us to this event and we hope we can continue attend the next Masterclass.


Here are the delegates from Indonesia (5 of them from Airlangga University) with Prof. Robert Carachi and Prof. Dan Aronson from SIOP alongside Dr. Bibekanand Jindal, the Committee from JIPMER.



Prof. Robert Carachi opened the Masterclass.



In front of the JIPMER Academic Center

Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research is a medical school in India and the oldest to teach European medicine in Asia. It’s a very big complex which consist of couples of building including medical college, hospitals block (for example: Superspecialty block and Mother and Children Hospital).


Inside the JIPMER Academic Center



Dr. Fransiska Kusumawidagdo, Sp.BA , Airlangga Pediatric Surgery Consultant, received the Certificate from Prof. Dan Aronson, Prof. Robert Carachi and Dr. Bibekanand Jindal.


All the delegates with the lecturer and Committee of Masterclass.

All the delegates with the lecturer and Committee of Masterclass.